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Many learners have cultivated the practice of opening their concern papers and composing as soon as the papers are given. This has been the result in of most students’ failure. A frequent sentence in the include web page of nearly all issue papers reads- “Do not open this booklet until finally you are advised to do so”!

When you are presented the issue papers and the answer sheets, do not begin until finally you hear the bell ring or you are informed to start off by the supervisor. WAEC May/June Result could penalize you for that, so, be careful. Even though waiting for the bell to ring, it is a good idea that you do the pursuing: -

1 THE Question PAPER Study the directions on the include webpage of the query paper and the answer sheet carefully ahead of opening. Do not suppose you know all the instruction.. Do not rely on what you read in previous query papers. Read through them.

After that, write your identify and your examination quantity in the proper spots on the solution sheet. It will be a high priced mistake if you are unsuccessful to do this. If your solution sheet is pre-printed, make positive the particulars correspond and are accurately printed. If you have to shade, shade with the necessary pencil. Bear in mind to cross check out two times to be certain you have not shaded the improper selection.

Be aware also the numbers of the concerns to answer, the marks allotted to different concerns, and the queries that have more marks than others.

2 TIME ALLOCATION Observe the time allotted to numerous sections so as to know the bodyweight of each and every query and how long you are to function on every single of the sections. Know the overall time allotted for the evaluation and spending budget your time.

The tendency, most instances, is for pupils to invest far more time on the questions they consider they can answer nicely to the detriment of the others. Really usually, they do not make as significantly marks as they envisioned from these inquiries. If they even do, the complete percentage of the query, in comparison to the total mark, may be infinitesimal.

Allocate the proper time to the right concerns, no matter whether or not you really feel like it. Go away some minutes for the closing evaluation of your paper. Do not exceed the time limit for every single concern or every area.

3 THE Concern As shortly as the commencing bell rings, skim via the webpages of the concern paper, scanning the instructions on each segment. If you recognize some faults in the materials offered to you, if some internet pages of your query paper are lacking, or some areas are light and faint, lodge a complaint with the supervisors or invigilator and get far better materials.

In an examination, only a set sum of time is allotted, so, do not waste it. Start off with the questions you find simple. This builds up your courage. Again, they are time-conserving queries. If you do not realize a question, go away it and attempt the following one particular. Go by means of the whole question paper finishing it as you are in a position, with out using up too much time. Then go again and have one more seem at the time consuming questions or inquiries which puzzled you the initial time.

Unconsciously, your brain would have carried out a bit of tranquil assessment and you might now bear in mind some or all of the solutions you imagined you experienced forgotten. The exercise you have carried out previously, that is, heading via a number of various questions, will stimulate your brain cells to increased endeavours, and you will then be ready to function out a lot more tough troubles with better good results.